Adding damage to cards with Substance Designer

After multiple iterations of fine-tuning the appearance of our cards, we’ve finally arrived at a look that will convey the theme of our board game! We’re going for a damaged and worn look, much like the wear you see in machinery and gear over time. The design of our cards will give the illusion of age and usage.

To create this damaged look, we’re once again relying on Substance Designer, like we did for our medals. In Substance Designer, you have the option to set up and expose a variety of parameters. We created parameters for edge-peeling, scratches, and dents. Having these parameters means that we can tweak and react to our artwork in real time. It gives us the flexibility and ease to generate countless variations.

We started off by exporting our finished card designs from Affinity Designer, a vector graphics editor. We then created an input parameter in Substance Designer for importing these files into our substance. With this input parameter, whether we have one card or a thousand cards, it takes no time at all to apply our damaged effect. Plus, we can vary up the damage to further customize each individual card.

Stay tuned as we dive into our miniatures next!