Prototyping Card Designs

Cards are an integral part of board games, and in Day of Victory, playing your cards right may just earn you a spectacular win against your opponent. That’s why we’ve been busy prototyping card designs, filling our sketch pads with countless drawings and scribbles.

There’s a lot to take into consideration when designing the cards. For example, with our Support Cards, they need to indicate the advantage they can provide to players, clear instructions for how to play them, and how much it will cost to put them into play.

As people who play board games just about every chance we get, the one thing we knew we wanted to avoid was overly complicated, text-heavy cards. Our goal is to have all of our cards visually communicate the message to players before any of the text is even read.

We’re using a program called Affinity Designer to prototype our cards. Affinity Designer is a vector graphics editor that’s often used to create illustrations, icons, web graphics, patterns, and UI design. It has an amazing feature that allows you to create dynamic symbols. Using dynamic symbols means that you can create unlimited instances of the same object. When you update one instance, the remaining instances are updated automatically. And with the option to detach your symbols, you can really speed up your workflow and create multiple versions. Here we set up the symbol that was used to create all of the Support Cards:

There’s still a lot more prototyping to do, and tweaks to be made, but we’re getting there!